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What is Wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding, or Wakeboarding, is a water sport that consists of gliding on a board with bindings in the water, while being propelled by a boat.

Held by a rope called a palonier, it allows you to manoeuvre and perform pirouettes in the water, while being pulled along the water’s surface.

A little bit of history…

Wakeboarding is also known as water skiing on a board.

Its translation from English means wakeboarding, a name that comes largely from the fact that a board is used to practice it and because the wake described by the boat that tows us is used to surf or jump it.

There is no exact moment in which this sport emerged, as it is an evolution of skurfing. It was first seen on Lake Havasu in Arizona.

The word skurfing was first coined in New Zealand by a surfboard maker named Allan Byrne. Byrne started to show his friends the surfboard and they started to create their own boards, until they came to Tony Finn who would later register the Skurfer brand, in the mid 80s.

A few years before Tony Finn, Bruce McKee, together with Mitchell Ross, launched the first mass-produced plastic moulded skurfboard called Mcski, later renamed skiboard and then Wake-snake in Australia.

This board already had adjustable rubber straps, was concave and had fins. Later two smaller side fins were added for better grip and manoeuvrability.

Skurfing is the combination of skiing and surfing, which resulted in Wakeboarding.

In the early 90s, the owner of the company HO Sport, Herb O’Brien, dedicated to the manufacture of water skis and together with the best surfboard shapers in Hawaii, created the first Wakeboard board moulded by buoyancy compression called Hyperlite.

If we talk about the origin of the word Wakeboard, it is said that Paul Frasier invented it together with his brother Murray, who was a Canadian distributor of HO Sports products, who pointed out that this modality no longer looked like skiing and that it should be called something else, so he came up with the term Wakeboard.

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